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Job Description

Job Title: Journeyman Heat & Frost Insulator

Location: Edmonton

Status: Full Time


AW-NRG Insulation Services Inc., one of the leading mechanical insulation companies in Alberta, is looking for experienced, fully – qualified, commercial journeymen insulators for the Edmonton Area. We offer competitive wages, including benefits and RRSP matching plans, and in-house training for employment required certifications.

Duties will include:

  • Applying insulating material to exposed surfaces and structures, such as air ducts, hot and cold pipes, storage tanks, and cold storage rooms.
  • Reading blueprints and selecting required insulation material (in sheet, tubular, or roll form), such as fiberglass, foam rubber, styrofoam, cork, or urethane, based on material’s heat retaining or excluding characteristics.
  • Brushing adhesives on or attaching metal adhesive-backed pins to flat surfaces as necessary to facilitate application of insulation material.
  • Measuring and cutting insulation material to specified size and shape for covering flat or round surfaces, using tape measure, knife, or scissors.
  • Fitting, wrapping, or attaching required insulation material around or to structure, flowing blueprint specifications.
  • Covering or sealing insulation with preformed plastic covers, canvas strips, sealant, or tape to secure insulation to structure, according to type of insulation used and structure covered, using staple gun, trowel, paintbrush, or calking gun.


  • Hold a Valid Drivers License
  • Have minimum 4 year experience in the mechanical insulation trade.
  • Ability to mentor apprentice insulators in a positive manner, knowledge of, and skilled in, the standard practices, methods, materials and tools of the insulation trade.
  • Ability to maintain good relationships with other trades.
  • Ability to work from ladders, scissor lifts and scaffolds.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.


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